Event Schedule

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017 Doors Open
6:30 pm - VIP Guests Only
8:00 pm - General Admission

6:30 pm - Dinner and Cocktails
7:30 pm - Horse Presentation 8:30 pm - Entertainment
9:00 pm - Auction
11:00 pm - After Party
1:00 am - Good Night

Event Location

GASHOUDER Maastricht, Netherlands Lage Frontweg 8, 6219 PD, Maastricht


VIP TABLE Front Row - €900 Second Row - €600 - 6 Person Table - VIP Access - Dinner and Drinks Included - Valet Business Individual - €110 - Reserved Seat - VIP Access - Dinner and Drinks Included General Admission- €20 - No Reserved seats


These hotels are recommended by us. Hotel Van der Valk Nijverheidsweg 35, 6227 AL Maastricht 043 387 3500 Kruisherenhotel Kruisherengang 19-23, 6211 NW Maastricht 043 329 2020

Phone Bidding

Are you not able to come and attend the auction, but really want to buy that one particular horse you like so much? Then buying by telephone is the solution for you.

Please send a request at least 7 days prior to the auction date

He or she will call you one hour before the auction begins, and then again 5 minutes before the horse(es) you are interested in enters the auction arena. He or she will make the bid(s) in your name. You also have the possibility to view the auction arena via our live stream video on the Sorensen Stables Facebook page.

Want more information about bidding on the phone? Don’t hesitate to call us!

– Chris Sorensen: +1 561 603 5321
– Whitney Sorensen: +1 561 891 0008

Jumping Indoor Maastrich

Coming for the long weekend?

Don't miss out on the full experience, get your tickets to JUMPING INDOOR MAASTRICHT. From Friday to Sunday watch top international equestrian competition!

For more information:
For VIP tickets email:

Terms and Conditions

Auction Terms and Conditions


01. The private limited liability company Sorensen Stables EU B.V. (hereinafter referred to as the "Organization") organizes the annual European hunter auction The Hunt (hereinafter referred to as the "Auction") at a location In Maastricht, the Netherlands. The Auction takes place on November 13th 2017. . The Auction will be held under the supervision of a bailiff or notary.

02. The Auction secretary is located at the Sorensen Stables EU B.V., the address of which is Prins Hessen Casselstraat 2, 62 11 JZ Maastricht, Netherlands. The telephone number is +1 (561)891-0008

03. These auction terms and conditions apply primarily to the relationship between the Organization and the bidder/buyer. The bidder/buyer also includes any legal successors/legal owners.

04.The legal relationship between the Organization and the bidder/buyer is ruled exclusively by Dutch law, with full exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG).

05. In every case, the organization or the auctioneer will make the auction terms and conditions available to visitors before the start of the auction. Furthermore, these terms and conditions are included in the auction catalog. Participation in the Auction is considered acceptance of these auction terms and conditions, excluding any conditions applied by the participant.


06. The horses will be sold outright, without proceedings or recompense, in the condition in which they are in at the time of allotment.

07. Horses registered for the Auction will be sold by bidding in the Euro currency. If no bid is made, the horse will not be sold. Bidding begins at €30,000. Bids are made in increments of € 1000 at a time up to € 50.000. After which bid increments are to be made at € 2.000. Potential bidders/buyers will be held to their bids until a higher bid has been received. In case of doubt concerning the validity of a bid, the previous bid can be accepted again after which bidding can resume. In the event of any disputes arising with or during the bidding process, the decision of the notary/bailiff shall be binding.

08. Risk with respect to the horse, including but not limited to damage to and/or caused by the horse, is transferred immediately from the seller to the bidder/buyer at the time of allotment.

09. Immediately after allotment, the bidder/buyer shall present proof of identification and sign a written agreement. Should the contract not be immediately offered to the bidder/buyer for signing, he/she shall notify the Organization's secretary immediately after the Auction.


10. The bidder/buyer must pay the purchase price of the horse plus a 8% commission on the purchase price plus 21% VAT (6% VAT for /stallions) to the Organization in Euros by bank transfer within 72 hours after the auction, without any discount or deduction. The debt must be paid within 72 hours after the Auction to the Organization's bank account number.

11. No VAT is due if the horse will be exported to another country than Netherland.

12. Upon request of the Organization, the bidder/buyer shall provide information with respect to his/her financial solvency, including documentation proving financial solvency. By requesting to participate in the bidding process, the bidder/buyer authorizes the Organization to obtain information about his/her financial solvency from third parties.

13. During settlement buyers have the option to conclude insurance for the horse that they purchased. This insurance is not concluded by the organization.


14. The Organization has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the catalog. The pedigree information is intended to give an impression of the quality of the horses without pretending to be complete and without offering any guarantees. The organization excludes liability with regard to the health status, the performance and/or purpose of use of the horses be auctioned

15 . All horses are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to the Auction. A copy of the veterinary exam report and any radiographs will be available on request for inspection 10 days prior to the Auction. Upon request, a copy of the veterinary report as well as radiographs may be inspected 10 days prior to the Auction and on the day of the Auction itself. If desired, the bidder/buyer may be assisted by his/her veterinarian.

16. The Organization is not liable for the accuracy of the information contained in the veterinary report, veterinary information supplied at the Auction grounds, or information provided during the Auction. The bidder/buyer should consult the veterinarian in this regard.

17. The Organization is not liable for any damage by and/or to persons, goods, or horses before, during, or after their presence at the Auction. The Organization is not liable for the failures of third parties. The Organization cannot be held liable, except in the case of willful intent or gross negligence by the Organization.


18. Immediately after allotment, the bidder/buyer shall assume responsibility for the horse's welfare and shall be liable for any damage to and/or caused by the horse.

19. Only if and when the bidder/buyer has paid monies owed in full, including monies owed to the Organization, the horse and required documents will be released to the bidder/buyer. The Organization is not required to release the horse to the bidder/buyer if he/she has not paid monies owed in full.

20. The bidder/buyer shall remove the horse at his/her own expense from the Auction grounds/seller's property within 7 days after the Auction ends. If the bidder/buyer has not removed the horse within the stated period, he/she will be in legal default. In such case, the Organization is authorized to remove the horse or have the horse removed from the Auction grounds and stabled elsewhere, for which the bidder/buyer shall be liable for fees accrued in connection with these actions as considered reasonable by the Organization. The bidder/buyer shall remain responsible for the horse's care and for any damage to and/or caused by the horse.


21. If the bidder/buyer observes that the horse purchased has a stable vice, such as cribbing, weaving or wind-sucking, the bidder/buyer shall notify the Organization in writing within 48 hours after receiving the horse, describing the nature of the stable vice(s) in detail. The writing has to be done by a registered horse veterinarian.

22. If the bidder/buyer observes that the horse purchased has a hidden defect, the bidder/buyer shall notify the Organization in writing within 7 days after receiving the horse, describing the nature of the hidden defect. The writing has to be done by a registered horse veterinarian.


23. Disputes shall be settled only by the Court of Limburg, location Roermond.



We encourage you to come try the horses you are interested in. If you want to make an appointment for a tryout, please contact:

– Chris Sorensen: +1 561 603 5321
– Whitney Sorensen: +1 561 891 0008
Availabilty: Now - November 13th


All horses must pass extensive pre-vetting before being accepted into the collection. Each horse has a complete set of x-rays that have been reviewed by one of the world’s top radiology experts out of California. That means all horses have undergone full US standard clinical and flexion tests. Additionally, a European team vet will flex them again before the auction to ensure everyone is 100%.

Training & Preperation

All horses have been undergoing hunter-specific training and movement work including jumping hunter courses with hunter jumps. Your horse will arrive as a “turn-key” hunter – teeth done, chiropractor work, wormed, feed/ nutritional program, already comfortable with hunter tack and equipment including earplugs, proper blacksmith to give them aluminum shoes, clipped and trimmed, mane training to go in the right direction… even down to the correct length bridal path… the attention to detail is unprecedented.

Selection Process

Anyone who has shopped for hunters in Europe, understands the potential rewards – and the challenges. Driving for hours to see a horse. Accepting the fact that the horse will not likely have been schooled as a hunter. Trying to judge whether the horse has hunter potential. Sending iPhone videos to clients back in North America and so on. Now, Sorensen Stables has come up with a brilliant solution. Unlike the many European sporthorse auctions centered around young jumper prospects, THE HUNT is a one-of-a-kind event comprised of 12 to 15 horses curated specifically for the North American hunter market. Selected by Chris and Whitney Sorensen for their overall excellence in conformation, movement, jumping technique and temperament, a collection of Europe’s top horses with proven hunter talent will be gathered in one place November 13, 2017 in Maastricht, Netherlands, all available for purchase to the highest bidder.


Small - Under 16.1 hands
Med. - Between 16.1-16.3
Large -16.3 and Over